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Past Meetups

Here are some of the subjects we've covered in past meetups. If you're interested in participating by giving a talk, don't worry too much if we've touched on the subject before. New people join every day and there are a lot of subjects warranting a re-visit.

forloopZimbabwe Meetup - Bulawayo Chapter

Date: September 21st 2019 @ 7:00 AM

Location: The TechVillage, Bulawayo

Bakani PilimeBakani Pilime

Cache Me Outside - Caching to improve web applications

A look into how to apply caching to both frontend and backend applications to improve performance. This talk will include Service Workers for Progressive Web Applications and Redis for server side applications.

Kim Wadzanayi BwanyaKim Wadzanayi Bwanya

The art of making useful products

Kim will discuss on an approach to problem solving, commonly used in design and management frameworks that develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process.

Michael DeraMichael Dera

An Introduction to Git, GitHub and Open Source Software.

Michael's talk will give an introduction to Git and GitHub and the benefits of version control and the beauty of working on Open Source Software.

forloopZimbabwe Launch Event

Date: April 13th 2019 @ 8:30 AM

Location: Impact Hub Harare, 194 Baines Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

Prosper OtemuyiwaProsper Otemuyiwa

Engineering Faster Web Experiences in Plain Sight

Millennials are impatient. Global Warming is here. Folks are heated up. Your web site or app should be delightful & insanely fast to serve users their daily bread. In this talk, you'll walk away with instant todo rules and optimal strategies to build fast loading web experiences for users from every region.

Olivier ManirahoOlivier Maniraho

Surviving the hype while leveling up as a developer

In the era where everything is so hyped and awesome libraries are released everyday, how do you keep up and become even a better developer?

Brighton MukoreraBrighton Mukorera

From the old to blockchain

Taking your skills you have learnt from the basics of programming to becoming a blockchain developer and using those skills to build solutions that take advantage of the new technology. Brighton's use case will be of Hyper Ledger and BigChainDB.

Lennex ZinyandoLennex Zinyando

Remote Possible: How to work from the jungle

Finding a good job is hard and finding a remote job seems near impossible. In this talk, Lennex will be giving pointers on how to make the job hunting process less painful while also making yourself a better developer that gets job offers.

Hannah MadzingaHannah Madzinga

Putting data to good use.

"Ninety percent of the data in the world today was created in the last two years".Every activity we do now leaves a trail of information.Now, imagine a million people in the world doing the exact thing...Do you see a pattern there?If not then let Hannah enlighten you.

Shingirai MarandureShingirai Marandure

Tech collabo

A highly interactive session divided into three main pillars; Acknowledgement of developers who are doing amazing locally. Encouragement of collaboration on projects among developers. A call for increased and improved participation of women in tech.